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The Year of Children’s and Youth Culture 2017

The year 2017 will be celebrated as the Year of Children’s and Youth Culture, giving us an opportunity to value our offspring both as creators and an audience, link various fields of culture and compile a myriad of events for both the young ones and adults. The Year of Children’s and Youth Culture was organised at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and its implementation is coordinated by the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre.

The new year will be exciting to both young kids and those a bit older, as the next theme year in line is the Year of Children’s and Youth Culture. This theme year’s motto “Me too!” and the keywords independence and collaboration address adults as well, inviting them to contemplate and appreciate children and young people as both creators and an audience. Supporting and encouraging children helps us ensure a continuous and abundant cultural life for the coming generations.

What does the Year of Children’s and Youth Culture entail?

The programme consists of a wide variety of activities. Major events include the Youth Song and Dance Celebration “I will stay” and the experience tour “Children’s Republic” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia; however, smaller communal activities will also be organised.

Submit and bring your idea to life.

An idea competition titled “50 ideas!” for the events of the Year of Children’s and Youth Culture has been launched with the goal of using various initiatives and events to make the cultural life of children and the youth even more diverse and exciting. Everyone – be it a solo author or a team of friends, family members or colleagues – is welcome to submit their ideas to the idea competition. Nevertheless, projects where children and youngsters are the authors, co-authors or implementers of ideas are preferred.

Where can one find more information?

To ensure that all culture enthusiasts have a good overview of the fascinating events, information on all the upcoming events will be compiled to the culture calendar of the theme year website, everyone organising events aimed at children and young people can post relevant information on the portal.
More detailed information about the Year of Children’s and Youth Culture can be found on the theme year website and Facebook page.

Wishing you wonderful co-creation experiences during the culture year aimed at our youngest tots and grown-ups alike!


Last updated: 14 May 2019