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Support fund for films

Films support fund Film Estonia that opened from 2016 is a pilot project for supporting film and series production based on foreign capital. The support programme is funded by the Ministry of Culture and the support fund is managed by the Estonian Film Institute (EFI).


Why is the repayment fund necessary?

The cooperation opportunities of Estonian and foreign film producers for producing films in Estonia improve by way of the support. This in turn promotes the inflow of attractive foreign capital into the Estonian economy – the film industry creates valuable jobs, as film is related to the fast development of high technology.
The measure also helps with the increasing of the competitiveness of Estonian filmmakers on the international arena.

How big is the volume of the support fund?

In 2016 the volume of the pilot project of the support measure is 500 000 euros. The aim is to increase the volume of the support measure to 2 million euros in 2017. 

Where does the idea for the support measure originate from?

The cultural policy source document „The general principles of the cultural policy up to 2020“ (PDF) approved in the Government of the Republic on 21 November 2013 prescribes that the internationalisation of film art and the co-production with film companies and –makers of other countries will be supported in Estonia.
International practice is considered when creating the films support fund. The film industry is supported on a similar cash-rebate principle by almost all Member States of the European Union, also North and South American countries.

Who can apply for support?

Support can be applied for by a company registered in Estonia, whose main area of activity is producing audio-visual works. Its partner must be a foreign film production company.

What terms must the cooperation film project correspond to in order to receive support?

The following cooperation film projects will receive support from the films support fund:
-  Estonian film specialists are involved (filmmakers, actors),
- it is an Estonian story or if the events of the film story take place in Estonia,
- innovative technology, infrastructure and service providers have been involved for filming in Estonia.

What kinds of films are supported?

Support can be applied for the production of a full-length feature film, full-length animation film, short animation film, animation series, high-quality television series or documentary film or the post-production of all the abovementioned works. 

How big is the support?

Up to 30 per cent of the expenses made on the foreign money arriving in Estonia with the producer and made to Estonian residents will be repaid. The size of the grant also depends on involving Estonian creative staff in the film project.  

How big must the budget of the film project be to receive support?

Film budget minimums have been established for qualifying for the support. For example in case of a feature film it must be at least 1 million euros, in case of a long animation film 2 millions and in case of other types the minimum budget is between 200,000 to 500,000 euros.  

Read more about the Film Estonia fund and the specific terms of the support measure HERE.

More information can be asked from the executive producer of EFI Piret Tibbo-Hudgins (, 5646 7769).


Last updated: 14 May 2019