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Introduction of the ministry

The Ministry of Culture is responsible for national culture, sport and heritage conservation, it promotes arts, and coordinates the state’s media policy, audiovisual policy, and the implementation of the integration strategy.

National cultural policy is based on the constitutional aim of ensuring the preservation of the Estonian nation, language and culture in perpetuity. To achieve this aim, the culture policy needs to find harmony between the preservation and continuation of culture, on the one hand, and the innovativeness and openness of culture, on the other hand.
The state creates opportunities for culture to develop and to improve the accessibility to various cultural events. All Estonian residents must have a chance to create culture and to partake in it.
Saarineni maja



Ministry of Culture

  • The ministry forms the principles of financing culture and sport, cooperates with the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and other institutions that support culture and sport.
  • It is responsible for the coordination of the whole heritage conservation field in Estonia.
  • It gives national awards and grants for culture and sport.
  • It supports the cultural activities of minorities, kindred nations and expatriate Estonians.
  • It handles the integration policy and the implementation of the integration strategy in cooperation with other ministries.
  • It prepares draft legislation in its area of government and checks that drafts are in compliance with the constitution and other legislation.
  • It develops creative industries together with other ministries.
  • It determines the general development directions in sport and physical fitness and handles cooperation between various sport organisations.
  • It participates in the planning of national media work, in preparing and developing policies for media services, and in issuing activity permits for the provision of media services in accordance with the Media Services Act.

Our values


  • We invest in the creation of a more
    balanced living environment
  • We are a trustworthy and supportive
  • We consider the big picture


  • We act creatively and responsibly
  • We are innovative, open and daring
  • We respect traditions



  • We invest in common goals and take responsibility
  • We are respectful and benevolent
  • We notice and we give recognition


Organizational Structure 


Last updated: 15 April 2019