Culture 2020 and the performing arts

On 21 November 2013, the Government of the Republic adopted a document on the main principles of cultural policy, which outlines the plans for promoting Estonian culture in 2014-2020.

“The general principles of cultural policy until 2020” contains the principles of cultural policy formation and implementation, as well as priorities for each field. Drafting these principles was based on over four hundred propositions gathered at different stages, and the process included professional associations as well as government institutions.

The general principles of cultural policy were adopted by the Parliament on 12 February 2014.


Development priorities for the area of performing arts until 2020

In the area of performing arts, the state has set the following principles and priorities for the area.
  • The field of performing arts in Estonia is diverse both artistically and institutionally. The programmes of performing institutions have a good balance of domestic and world culture. The state supports the commissioning and performing of original Estonian drama works.

  • The state funding of performing arts institutions is done through three-year funding agreements. Performing arts institutions with a continuous programme are supported directly from the state budget on principles previously negotiated in the field. Project-based performing arts institutions and one-time projects are funded from the Cultural Endowment. The state also supports the activities of the more important theatre and dance agencies, the organisation of performing arts festivals, and the internationalisation of performing institutions.

  • The importance of professional performing arts targeted at young viewers shall be recognised both through state financing and greater public attention. The activities of amateur and school theatres are also valued.

  • The state regards it as important to develop the higher education curricula in the field of performing arts in Tallinn, Viljandi, and Tartu.


Last updated: 14 January 2020