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The state finances folk culture through activity support and project support.

Song and dance festival grant programmes 

The following sub-programmes have been created for groups participating in the preparations for the song and dance festival: state activity support programme for choirs, orchestras and folk dance groups; study grants for the leaders of groups, and development grants for groups. Programmes are coordinated by Eesti Laulu- ja Tantsupeo SA.

Folk culture mentor programme 

The general aim of the mentor programme is to support the vitality of development processes in folk culture and to improve the qualifications and skills of specialists in the field. Mentor is a teacher for teachers. The programme is implemented in the fields of choir and brass music, folk dancing and music, folklore, handicrafts and amateur dramatics. The folk culture mentor programme is coordinated by the Folk Culture Centre and the implementing agencies of sub-programmes are professional central associations.

County support for folk culture 

The aim of county support for folk culture is to preserve and develop folk culture through significant events and activities. The implementing agency of the county support programme is the Folk Culture Centre.

Cultural space programmes

Through programmes the state supports the preservation and continuation of the intangible cultural heritage of cultural spaces and community activities linked thereto. Seven cultural space grant programmes are coordinated by the Estonian Folk Culture Centre

Estonian national costumes programme

The state recently initiated a grant programme “Estonian Folk Costume” with the aim of drawing attention to national costumes as our historical heritage and the tradition of wearing folk costumes, and introducing forgotten costumes of different parishes. Part of the programme was the creation of a folk costume portal, where the traditional clothing of all the parishes will be displayed. Sample sets will be made of all the costumes, which will be given to the Estonian National Museum after the end of the programme. The museum will organise folk costume displays both at home and abroad. There is no public application process for the programme.
Folk culture initiatives are supported by the folk culture foundation of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and by 15 county expert groups. Additional aid can be applied for via the Gambling Tax Council. There are also some European Union measures available in this field. 
Last updated: 30 June 2014