Film festivals in Estonia

Several distinctive film festivals take place all over Estonia each year, and quit a few of them are really anticipated by movie devotees. Major film festivals with an extremely varied genre selection are held in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Haapsalu.  


Major film festivals 

  • The international Black Nights Film Festival PÖFF is the highlight of the festival year. Its importance does not lie only in the introduction of the world cinema to the inhabitants of Estonia, but also in bringing fresh ideas to the local film industry. The festival includes Baltic Event – a successful film project market, and Industry@Tallinn, which is meant for the film industry professionals all over the world to exchange information and contacts. One quarter of the PÖFF budget comes from the appropriations by the Ministry of Culture.
  • The longest-lasting film festival in Estonia, which was started in 1987 already. One of the main subjects of the festival is the survival on ancient peoples and their culture. The programme also contains films that reflect  modern society, portraits of fascinating people, and films on arts and music. 
  • tARTuFF is an annual romance film festival held in Tartu since 2006. For the festival, the largest open air cinema in the Baltic countries is erected on Town Hall Square with a 20-metre screen and 1,600 seats. The programme is centered around love and its variations.
  • DocPoint is a documentary film festival that has been held in Tallinn since 2009 in cooperation with the Helsinki film festival of the same name. The Festival focuses on socially and politically relevant topics, poetic art documentaries, and films that tell us stories from all over the world. 
  • Anthropological and ethnographical documentaries screen at this festival in Tartu. A common thread in all the films is an anthropoligical and analytical approach to people, cultures and societies. The festival took place for the first time in 2004. It is organised by the Estonian National Museum and a non-profit MTÜ Maailmafilmi Ühing. 
  • HÕFF has been around since 2005 and by now it has grown into the largest film festival in the horror and fantasy genres in the Baltics. HÕFF’s programme includes science fiction, fantasy and horror films, classics of the world cinema plus freak films.


Last updated: 15 January 2018