Culture 2020 and public broadcasting

On 21 November 2013, the Government of the Republic adopted a document on the main principles of cultural policy, which outlines the plans for promoting Estonian culture in 2014-2020.

“The general principles of cultural policy until 2020” contains the principles of cultural policy formation and implementation, as well as priorities for each field. Drafting these principles was based on over four hundred propositions gathered at different stages, and the process included professional associations as well as government institutions.

The general principles of cultural policy were adopted by the Parliament on 12 February 2014..


Development priorities for the area of public broadcasting until 2020


Concerning public broadcasting, the state has set the following principles and priorities for the area.

  • The Estonian Public Broadcasting system, operating under public law, is an independent and reliable media organisation that reports on a regular basis to the public and to the cultural committee of the Parliament, which evaluates whether the operations of the national public broadcasting organisation are in compliance with the law, the development plan and the public interest. With their activities, the Estonian Public Broadcasting system promotes the development of Estonian language and culture, the preservation of cultural diversity, and contributes to the commemoration and preservation of Estonian history and culture.
  • The state considers it important that the public broadcasting organisation takes an active part in the creation of culture, among other things resulting in the production of television movies and series of historic value on the basis of the works of Estonian authors, recording radio theatre programmes and participation in the co-production of cinema films

    The public broadcasting organisation has an important role in the preservation of Estonian history and culture in sound and vision and the preservation, restoration and digitalisation of recorded material. The state supports the efforts of the public broadcasting organisation in making public the audio and visual materials available in the archives of the public.

  • broadcasting organisation as well as other institutions of historic memory. It is important for the state that people interested in Estonian life, either at home or abroad, have access to the information stream of the public broadcasting organisation. The state supports the development of the public broadcasting organisation on a contemporary level and electronic media platforms.


Last updated: 14 May 2019