Culture 2020 and architecture

At a government sitting on 21 November 2013, fundamental principles of cultural policy were adopted, which outline the plan to promote Estonian culture in the years 2014 to 2020.

“The general principles of the cultural policy up to 2020” contains the principles of how the cultural policy is formed and carried out and what the priorities are by each field. When writing these fundamental principles, a couple of hundred propositions were considered, and professional associations and government institutions were involved. 
The general principles of cultural policy were adopted by the parliament on 12 February 2014.

General prioritites in architecture



  • The state appreciates the living environment as a whole, comprising both the built-up and designed environment as well as the natural environment. A high-quality built-up environment has an important role in achieving the state’s objectives for sustainable development. The bases for a high-quality built-up environment are well-informed decisions in spatial planning and building design.
  • In setting and realising the objectives for architectural policy the state shall increase the cohesiveness of the different policies and relevant ministries.
  • In the case of building design and planning services, the state shall promote sustainable public procurements and conceptual competitions to ensure the architectural quality and diversity of buildings funded by the public sector.
  • The state shall support participation in major international architectural events and is proactive in shaping international architectural policy.
  • In order to invigorate entrepreneurship and internationalisation in the area of architecture, the state shall, amongst other things, facilitate Estonian achitects practice in foreign agencies, the export of architectural services and local architects participating in international architectural competitions.


Last updated: 24 June 2014